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Which criteria determine the traffic light colour of the University of Graz?

Two factors are used as criteria for the selection of the respective valid traffic light colour:

- the pandemic development, i.e. the infection rate or vaccination coverage in Austria in general and in Styria in particular, and thus the regional switching of the Corona traffic light of the federal government

- the local infection incidence at the University of Graz

- Since many shades are possible due to the interaction of the two factors and individual considerations are necessary, the decision of the traffic light colour cannot be made meaningfully and automatically dependent on an incidence value.

The traffic light colour is therefore based on the following principles:

Green: There is neither an increased health risk for people at our university from the general infection incidence, nor are increased local infection figures registered. Therefore, regular operation prevails as far as possible.

Yellow: Due to the general infection situation (e.g. due to increasing hospitalisation rates) or due to an increased local infection situation, measures are necessary to avoid an escalation of the infection situation. However, more or less normal attendance for vaccinated, recovered and tested persons can be maintained by increased precautionary measures.

Orange: A strongly tense infection situation or alarmingly rising hospitalisation rates, a significantly increased local risk of infection or a combination of these factors forces the situation to be countered with more stringent measures on campus. With extended measures - such as limiting room utilisation to a maximum of 50 percent - teaching, working and learning can continue to take place at the university in presence.

Red: Due to an emergency situation in the development of the pandemic (e.g. a dangerous local increase with clusters) and/or in connection with requirements of the federal government in this regard, attendance at the university must be largely suspended.


Admission to courses, examinations and library facilities only with 3-G proof. Those certificates will be accepted that are recognised by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection by decree for body-related services at the time of the examination, course or use of the library facilities.

Wearing FFP2 masks in the corridor area, during teaching events and during examinations is compulsory. The FFP2 mask may be removed for active speaking in courses and during oral examinations.

Information for students about reporting (suspected) Covid-19 infections

Any students at the University of Graz who are infected with Covid-19 or who show relevant symptoms are required to inform the University of Graz immediately at covid-19@uni-graz.at.


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